The Healing Power of Nature

Growing up in the proclaimed “Concrete Jungle,” I never had much fondness for nature or the great outdoors. Despite living in Staten Island, the borough with some of the most green spaces, the extent of my nature experiences stopped short of heading to the local park or perhaps visiting the nearby -and unswimmable- Midland Beach.

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Break from Spring Anxiety

It’s that time of year again. As winter melts away and cherry blossoms hint at their arrival, we New Yorkers pack up our puffer coats and roll out the picnic blankets. We begin counting the days until we can step outside to the feeling of sunshine on our bare arms and legs. Spring brings us back into bodies and our physical senses.

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Common Couples Therapy Misconceptions

Couples counseling is defined as a therapeutic service offered to two partners that identify themselves as being romantically involved and needing help working through some issue(s) to improve the relationship.

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The Dating “Game”

The proliferation of apps has gamified dating. But to those seeking true love, or real companionship, dating is anything but a game. Often clients come to therapy frustrated and worn down by the process. They feel defeated or deflated and it takes a toll on their self esteem.

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Resolutions: Finding Your Why

With January comes all sorts of resolutions. Our “should” voices start trying to exert themselves … “Lose Weight…” “Get organized…” “Get your finances in check…” While all among the Top 5 resolutions, it is not surprising that each of them mean different things to different people.

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Reframing New Year’s Resolutions

What is it about the start of a new year? Whatever we’ve done or been in the past, we tell ourselves that THIS is our chance for a fresh start. We can put our mistakes and weaknesses behind us and start our new life if only we can stick to these resolutions… right?

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