NYC Therapist John Krivy  MHC-LP at NYC Counseling

John Krivy


From waiting tables to launching a manufacturing startup, John dabbled in a number of industries. His deep passion for the human mind and desire for work he’d find meaningful led him to pursue a career in mental health. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he worked as an addiction counselor at an outpatient alcohol and drug rehab, and later as a case manager for individuals with serious mental health illnesses. Wanting to better support people seeking to improve their quality of life, John earned a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Today, he works in several clinical capacities assisting clients through a variety of challenges.

John devotes much of his free time to reading, traveling, and exercising regularly. As a fitness enthusiast, a former martial artist, and a participant in endurance events, he understands the connection that exists between our mental and physical wellness.

Approach & Values

John utilizes an integrative approach in his work drawing primarily from psychodynamic and experiential therapies. One of these, Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), is a practice aimed at helping people experience the full breadth of their emotions and abandon defense mechanisms that no longer serving them. John primarily works in the here-and-now to help clients to become more empowered in the present instead of unconsciously stuck in the past.

Given the importance of attunement in the therapeutic relationship, John works to cultivate a solid alliance with each client, so that they may improve how they experience themselves and their relationships with others.


  • Anxiety, Stress, & Panic
  • Depression & Loneliness
  • Trauma, PTSD, & Post-traumatic Growth
  • LGBTQ+ Mental Health & Community Issues
  • Mind-Body Connection, Somatization, Somatic Experiencing
  • Substance Use, Harm Reduction, & Recovery
  • OCD & Phobias
  • Relationships, Intimacy, Kink & Poly
  • ADHD & Executive Function
  • Integration Work (Psychedelic & Transpersonal)
  • Sleep, Exercise, & Lifestyle

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