Nurshat Pasha


A child of Bangladeshi immigrants, Nurshat was born and raised in Brooklyn. She earned her Bachelors in Cultural Anthropology & Film Studies with honors.

As a creative consultant for various nonprofit organizations and advertising agencies, Nurshat began her career at the intersection of the arts and social change. In addition to filmmaking, media advertising, and graphic design, she was also been an executive assistant at an architectural design company, has a real estate license, and started businesses in social media management, content creation, and media production. Wanting to go deeper into her passion for mental health, Nurshat pursued a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northwestern University.

A lifelong lover of fashion, food, and art of all mediums, she was a trained dancer and studied theater for most of her life. With a social circle composed of friends from most continents, Nurshat finds beauty in the unions between cultures.

Approach & Values

Nurshat is a compassionate guide through life’s twists and turns, helping clients not just overcome hurdles, but thrive in the face of them. With an Integrative Systemic Therapy (IST) approach, Nurshat doesn’t just provide solutions; she fosters lasting change by tackling root causes. Drawing from a rich toolkit that includes CBT, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, emotion-focused techniques, and more, she tailors each session to the unique needs of her clients.

Nurshat empowers clients to prioritize healthy and happy life choices from within their dynamic, multifaceted lives. She is bilingual, and speaks English and Bengali fluently.


  • Depression, Anxiety & Loneliness
  • Immigration, Cultural Identity & Cultural Adjustment
  • Grief, Loss & Bereavement
  • Body Dysmorphia, Disordered Eating
  • Post Traumatic Growth including Intergenerational, Religious, c-PTSD
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement & Self-Actualization
  • Substance Use, Addiction, & Recovery
  • Couples Therapy, Including Coercive Control, & Divorce
  • Family Therapy, Adult Parent–Child, Siblings
  • Internal Family Systems, Inner Child Healing, Parts Work

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