Interpersonal Group Therapy

For those with self-awareness who would benefit from exercising their interpersonal skills in a uniquely confidential and safe setting.

group on beanbags

-How can I take my therapy to the next level?
-How can I improve my relationships?
-How can I be my authentic self with others?
-How can I effectively navigate discord in

Group offers the rare and invaluable opportunity to develop emotionally intimate relationships, which will help you do the same with your partner, family, friends, etc.

For adults 30 yrs and up (or younger old-souls).

Group Info:

  • Virtually: Google Meet
  • $180/session
  • Discounts for prepayment
  • Reimbursable out-of-network
  • Interested, but this structure doesn’t work for you? Still reach out to the therapist.


Justena Kavanagh, LCSW-R

Justena Kavanagh, LCSW-R. Founder: NYC Counseling

[email protected]