About Us

At NYC Counseling we believe everyone can benefit from psychotherapy.

If you are wrestling with stress, loss, or setbacks, therapy can provide the opportunity and space to examine and clarify your thoughts and emotions and identify the best way forward.

If you are seeking a trusted confidant to talk you through life’s ups and downs, therapy can help you make and meet goals, encourage progress, and help hold you accountable.

If you live with mental or physical illness, psychotherapy can help you manage symptoms, while addressing any underlying contributors and emotions.


If life feels lackluster despite the outward appearance of success, therapy can help you look within, uncover your passions, and rediscover meaning.

Couples Therapy

Navigate intimate relationships with greater clarity and connection. Uncover ways you may be unconsciously sabotaging romantic relationships.

Family Therapy

Identify triggers, increase empathy and communication, and resolve conflict to create positive, sustainable patterns.

Child & Adolescent

Kids and teens have challenges of their own–we can help individually, or as part of a family unit. 

In-Person or Online

Virtual therapy options give you flexibility across New York state, or see your counselor in one of our two, in-person locations in New York City.

Want to try Virtual Therapy?

Virtual (or online/teletherapy) can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. 

Constantly on the go? Have therapy in your car or in a quiet spot of your choosing.

Engage in therapy without the worry of being recognized or the thought of having to put yourself together to go out in the world. 

Online therapy breaks down geographical barriers and can benefit you if you have mobility challenges.  It eliminates the need for transportation and reduces wait times.

Being in a familiar environment like your home during therapy sessions can create a sense of comfort and ease, where you can create a personalized and relaxed atmosphere that promotes open communication and self-reflection.

Video conferencing platforms, secure messaging systems, and digital tools give you multiple ways to engage with your therapist.

We’ll make it easy to incorporate good therapy practices, exercises, and strategies into your every day–for regular self-care and long-term well-being.