Pathological Relationship
Recovery Group

For people at all stages of a relationship with someone who might exhibit narcissistic, covert narcissistic, sociopathic, or psychopathic behavior.

hand reaching out

Understanding forms of emotionally abusive partners and their mechanisms including: gaslighting, blame shifting, triangulating, and offending from the victim position.

We’ll cover:

  • How to determine if your relationship is beyond repair.
  • How to leave and recover wherever you are in the process.

Some questions you may be asking:

  • Is it better for my child(ren) if I stay or go?
  • How do I leave/divorce an abusive partner without it provoking extreme recrimination?
  • How can I co-parent well with someone so vindictive?
  • Can I ever love or trust again when I am still so haunted?

Group info:

  • Virtually: Google Meet
  • $120/session
  • Discounts for prepayment
  • Reimbursable out-of-network
  • Interested, but this structure doesn’t work for you? Still reach out to the therapist
Justena Kavanagh, LCSW-R

[email protected]