Sandra Harris


With a degree in Exercise Science and Physiology, Sandra first worked in all aspects of the health and fitness industry for over two decades. Pivoting from physical and psychological healing, she earned degrees in Psychology and Social Work cum laude and was inducted into the Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society and Psi Omega Phi Alpha Honor Society. She went on to pursue an Advanced Standing Master’s Degree. Sandra has been working in mental health and substance abuse treatment since 2017.

Born and raised on the east end of Long Island, she relocated to Florida, to be closer to her big Italian family who had already migrated south. Sandra is an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, and creating. She has a love for gardening, camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, sports, and snowboarding and are some of the many things she enjoys with her family and friends. Sandra is most proud of her 3 greatest accomplishments, her three children (and one grandchild).

Approach & Values

Sandra is trained in EMDR for PTSD, c-PTSD, and other traumas. She has extensive experience working with substance abuse treatment and trauma. Sandra is also a Certified Trauma Therapist (CTT), specializing in deeper trauma work through psychodrama, experiential, Shadow work, and Inner Child work. Sandra does therapeutic healing work for grief and loss as well as family and couples therapy. She is also experienced in CBT, DBT, Mindfulness.

As an out-of-the-box thinker, using creative ways for therapeutic work, Sandra’s deep passion helps people find healing, self-love, connection, and a meaningful and fulfilling life. She works from a place of deep passion and love for what she does.


  • Addiction, Relapse Prevention, & Recovery
  • Neurobiology of Addiction & Trauma
  • Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems
  • PTSD, c-PTSD, & other Traumas
  • Certified EMDR, NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model)
  • Mindfulness, Intuitive Eating & Body Image
  • Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar I &II, OCD
  • Grief, Loss, & Bereavement
  • Cluster B traits: Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial
  • Couples, Premarital, Divorce, Separation, & Co-parenting
  • Chem Sex, Sexual Compulsion & Addiction
  • Process Addictions: Gambling, Gaming, Addiction, & Eating

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