NYCC therapist Pamela Venegas, MHC-I

Pamela Venegas


With a degree in Psychology, Pamela practiced as a psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital and in a juvenile prison in Mexico City where she was born and raised. Eager to experience other cultures, she became an au pair for a family in Florida and then in NYC. Inspired by the vibrance and diversity of New York, she enrolled in another degree in Mental Health Counseling to start her career in a more dynamic and free culture. Pamela is an Adjunct Lecturer in Psychology at CUNY, teaching Cognition, Infancy and Childhood, and Social Psychology to undergraduates.

Growing up in the environs of addiction, autism, and non-traditional family structures in a culture that stigmatizes mental health and substance abuse, Pamela works passionately to bring these concealed yet profound human emotions out of the shadows of shame. Pamela is also an avid reader, mindfulness practitioner, and nature and animal-lover.

Approach & Values

Pamela refrains from oversimplifying the complexity of each person or couple’s unique situation. Instead, she delves deeper into what’s unfolding beneath their overt struggles. She inspires clients not just to reduce pain and suffering in order to survive, but to discover pathways to thrive.

Pamela integrates insight-driven and action-oriented strategies drawn from Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy. She applies techniques such as A-B-C framework, Mindfulness, Muscle Relaxation, and Disputing Irrational Beliefs. By connecting the dots between past experiences and present challenges, Pamela empowers her clients to make meaningful and lasting changes.

Pamela is fluent in Spanish and English.


  • Relationship Dynamics, & Dating Challenges
  • Couples Therapy, High-Conflict Marriage & Divorce, Infidelity, & Betrayal Trauma
  • PTSD, Trauma, & Healing Childhood Wounds
  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Gender-Related Challenges
  • Anxiety, Panic, & Stress
  • Depression & Loneliness
  • OCD & Phobias
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement & Self-Actualization
  • Immigration, Cultural Identity, & Cultural Adjustment

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