NYCC therapist Karsyn Bartruff, MHC-I

Karsyn Bartruff


As a teen fan at a pop concert, Karsyn’s All-American childhood was forever changed by a modeling scout. Living in New York City and traveling the globe for over a decade, she is a unique blend of Southern Charm and worldly sophistication. As with many precocious professions, Karsyn learned that modeling comes with many pressures and proclivities including eating disorders and addictions. Although Karsyn’s enviable genetics gained her entrée into the fast-paced world of glamor, glitterati, and globe-trotting, her down-to-earth self followed the calling to a more meaningful professional path.

Supporting herself as a model through high school and an undergraduate degree in Crisis Counseling, Karsyn took a break from the industry to work at The Campaign to End Addiction. Inspired to dive more deeply into clinical work, Karsyn pursued a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling. To subsidize another academic degree, she returned to modeling with a healthier perspective.

Approach & Values

Through the transformative power of collaboration, Karsyn helps people navigate the complexities of the human mind to reach their full potential. Focusing on growth through self-discovery and self-realization, she integrates cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, and solution-focused therapies.

Karsyn embraces one’s vulnerabilities as courageous. Recognizing that the journey to mental well-being is not meant to be taken alone, Karsyn would be honored to be your guiding light and champion advocate.


  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Trauma, C-PTSD, & Post Traumatic Growth
  • Body Image, Body Dysmorphia, & Disordered Eating
  • Substance Misuse, Addiction, & Recovery
  • Codependence, Family, Friends, & Partners of Addicts
  • Career Counseling & Finding Meaning in Life
  • Dating & Relationship Challenges
  • Navigating High-Pressure Careers
  • Cultivating Internal Self-esteem with External Success

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