Emily Hwu


Growing up in the vibrant city of Houston as the daughter of a Chinese American father and an Irish-Catholic mother, Emily is intimately aware of the complexities of families and identities. Growing up in multiple cultures where mental health is stigmatized, she understands both the challenges and the power of breaking generational patterns.

Emily is a unique mix of high-achiever and chill artist. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vassar College, she was the President of the Psychology Majors Committee. A lifelong baker with a niche for healthy-yet-nourishing desserts, Emily discovered her passion for connecting with others while listening to customers’ stories, as the line for Sunday-morning pastries looped around the block. After working in various capacities with adults experiencing dementia, underprivileged children, and individuals on the autism spectrum, Emily returned to academia to pursue a degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Emily has found liberation through the arts in the form of theater, writing, and burlesque, all of which connect her back to the abstract human experience. She understands the value of creating a life that is your own, and how difficult that can be in an environment that prioritizes external success and productivity.

Approach & Values

In a society full of “shoulds,” Emily believes that becoming your authentic self is a lifelong journey. As the agents of our own lives, therapy guides us to find meaning, fulfillment, and freedom from our stuck perspectives.

Emily draws from existential and psychodynamic therapies to help her clients explore their past, find peace in their present, and enrich their future. She believes that the feelings we often repress—anger, shame, sadness, and vulnerability—can enhance and deepen our lives once acknowledged, expressed, and integrated. Emily is moved to help others navigate their feelings, motivations, and the gray areas of life, and knows that there is purpose to be found in the process of discovering one’s authentic and unique self.


  • Anxiety, Stress, & Panic
  • Depression & Loneliness
  • Finding Purpose & Meaning in Life
  • Body Acceptance & Intuitive Eating
  • Self-Actualization & Self-Esteem Enhancement
  • Navigating Life Transitions, including “Adulting”
  • Finding Meaningful & Fulfilling Careers & Hobbies
  • Creativity & Expression for Lay People & Artists
  • Intergenerational Trauma, C-PTSD, & Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Integrating Culture, Personality, & Identity
  • Grief, Bereavement, & Loss

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