Paulina Castillo-Eisenbeis, MHC I

Deeply  curious about the human condition, Paulina has studied history, philosophy, and the neuroscience of interpersonal relationships. She has  cultivated a mindfulness practice that is over a decade long. Paulina obtained her B.A. from Georgetown University, graduated from a 5-year program at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, and is now completing further studies in Depth Psychotherapy at Pacifica Graduate Institute.
Born in Spain to a multicultural family, Paulina has lived and worked in several countries. Before deciding to become a therapist, she had a career in finance.  Prior to that, she worked on a desertification/reforestation project funded by the European Union.  She brings to her therapeutic container life experience with changing career paths, as well as with multiculturalism, marriage, divorce, parenting, and blended families. With heartfelt attention, Paulina invites her clients to draw from her experience and training to explore their inner worlds and outer relationships.
Therapeutic Approach
At the heart of my work, I collaborate with you  in tending to your emotional life, helping you build resilience and cultivate sustainable happiness.  I practice psychotherapy from a perspective informed by Depth Psychology, Buddhism, Recovery, and Neuropsychology. 
I work with individuals, couples, parents and co-parents, people seeking to move into healthy relationships, individuals seeking to effect change, and people overwhelmed by maladaptive patterns in their lives. With a profound belief in the capacity for people to transform themselves, I can create a safe space to heal and grow.
If you are interested in seeing Paulina, please contact us.
  • Anxiety, Depression, and Low Self-Esteem
  • Addiction, Compulsive behaviors, Dependence, and Co-Dependence
  • Trauma, PTSD Recovery and Healing
  • Finding Intimacy
  • Relationships and Couples’ Communication
  • Life Transitions: career, grief & loss, illness, change.
  • Multicultural/Diversity issues
  • Parenting support
  • Mindfulness Practices and Contemplative Traditions
  • Attachment Wounds and Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Spiritual Development and Personal Growth

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