Michelle Magno, MHC-LP

Michelle grew up in a colorful family of immigrants from both Latin America and Western Europe. After procuring a B.A. in psychology from Vanderbilt University, she returned to the tri-state area to obtain her M.A. and  Ed.S. in counseling. Michelle’s commitment to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and help-seeking, landed her a position on a research team and outreach initiative.

Michelle’s love for travel compelled her to live, study, and work abroad in both Italy and Spain. When she is not exploring other regions of the world, she enjoys reading, running, and yoga. Michelle speaks Italian and Spanish.

Therapeutic Approach

The core of Michelle’s practice focuses on building effective communication and learning how to navigate interpersonal  relationships. Michelle believes our quality of life is greatly enhanced when relationships are  fulfilling  and ruptures are mindfully repaired.

Influenced  by the connection between physical health and psychological wellbeing, Michelle  incorporates mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help clients cope with stress and reduce the physical symptoms that can result from emotional distress. In an effort to set concrete goals and monitor progress, Michelle employs CBT, DBT, and solution-focused techniques in her practice.

If you are interested in seeing Michelle, please contact us.

  • Young adults
  • Women’s issues
  • Alcohol and substance use disorders
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Improving communication skills
  • Increasing self-care
  • Managing stress, anxiety, and depression

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