Leslie Butler, MHC-LP

As a former art teacher, Leslie brings energy and creativity to the healing relationship. She has a passion for helping clients explore and grow using the mind-body connection. She trained with Mindfulness Experiential Therapy Approaches in Portland, Oregon after earning her master’s in counseling psychology. Always ready for an adventure, she fulfilled a lifelong dream by relocating to NYC in 2017. Leslie thrives on engaging in the city’s art scene and is a member of the New York Road Runners.
Leslie’s deep interest in exploring the world and connecting with others led her from rural North Carolina, Italy, the Pacific Northwest, to New York City. While celebrating worldly experiences and embodying vitality, Leslie also understands the need for quiet and a sense of security acquired from time spent in mindful noticing.
Therapeutic Approach
Leslie envisions her role as a guide lighting your path. Her style is collaborative and client-centered. She is warm and compassionate and can help navigate the way so you may begin to be more present and live your most fulfilling life.
In your work with Leslie you will learn to overcome barriers in relationships and deepen in self-awareness. The small practice of listening to and honoring yourself in session will expand into everyday life.

If you are interested in seeing Leslie, please contact us.

• Self-compassion and Attachment work
• Women’s issues
• trauma and PTSD
• Relationship issues
• Addiction and Substance Abuse
• Grief and Loss
• Chronic Illness and Pain Management
• Mindful Awareness and living meaningfully

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