James Powell, MSW-I

Born to a world of small-town southern charm, James was always drawn to New York for its diversity and directness. With pluck and perseverance, she overcame neglect, abuse, and addiction, by pursuing various physical, psychological and social modalities. With her eye on a future as a psychotherapist in NYC, James supported herself through a long road to an undergraduate degree at the University of Florida. 

James’ has consistently sought to heal mind, body, and soul, through yoga, running, formal dance training, and spoken word poetry. As someone who not only “talks the talk” but actually “walks the walk,” James’ embodies her psychotherapeutic ethic that self-reclamation occurs in a variety of ways.

Therapeutic Approach

James believes that healing and self-actualization result from a life-long commitment to self-reflection—the constant pursuit of increasing congruency between one’s values and behavior. Her psychotherapeutic practice is rooted in Buddhism, 12-step philosophy, shamanic spirituality, humanistic psychology, and psychodynamic theory.  

James’ warmth and directness create a supportive and stable environment where clients discover and clarify their own truths. and their relationship to maladaptive coping strategies such as addiction 

The essence of her work is to discover with clients how their raw and wounded parts can be transformed into their best parts; how a once-disabling feature can be altered into an enabling one.  

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  • Addiction  
  • Death and Dying
  • Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Physical and Cognitive Disability
  • Recovery  
  • Sexual Trauma  
  • Spiritual Issues and Exploration  
  • Suicidal Ideation

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