The therapists who are the best matches for the practice have many of the following qualifications:

  • strong education prior to mental health education/training (we have Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Wharton grads, as well as lawyers and bankers, PhD’s)
  • success in previous or concurrent careers (we have former and current professional employees of companies including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Sullivan & Cromwell, ABC News, as well as entrepreneurs, broadway performers, yoga teachers, coaches)
  • thorough and continued personal therapy and/or other self-growth endeavors
  • strong commitment to ongoing learning
  • life experience–the more, the better
  • warm, related, socially adept, down-to-earth
  • strong ability to engage patients/clients in their self-growth processes
  • fluency in foreign languages highly desirable (we’ve had native and otherwise fluent French, German, Mandarin and Spanish speakers)

Specialties in:

  • couples and relationship issues
  • addictions, recovery, codependence
  • professionals, high performers
  • open to other specialties and populations as a general adult and adolescent practice


  • the practice has therapists trained in psychoanalysis, psychodynamic, relational, EFT, CBT, DBT, ACT, modalities as well as hypnosis, breath work, meditation, mindfulness and coaching

Job details:

  • full-time therapists available to see 25 patients/week (strong preference for full-time therapists)
  • part-time therapists must be available to see 15 patients/week
  • need to be available at peak times (M-Th evenings starting at 3 pm) as well as some off-peak times during week or weekend
  • we ask for a minimum 3-year commitment
  • the work is fee-for-service, supervision provided to those getting licensure. Opportunity for networking, community and training. Excellent calibre of patients. Convenient and well-appointed offices.
  • attendance at weekly practice meeting

Who should apply:

  • fully licensed therapists including: MD, PhD, PsyD, LCSW, LP, LMHC
  • limited licensed therapists including: doctoral students, LMSW, MHC
  • interns: In any licensed-qualifying program
  • other professions: we have had coaches (life, health, performance), hypnotists, yoga teachers

If interested, please email your updated resume with contact information to:


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