Ariel Goldberg, MSW-I

Ariel’s transformative journey, from the pain of a major chronic illness to a place of healing and renewal shaped his life. It sparked his passion for helping others to not just survive serious struggles but to truly thrive. To this end, Ariel studied for ordination as a liberal-Orthodox Rabbi, became a certified hospital pastoral counselor and pursued a master’s in clinical social work.

Growing up in Canada inspired Ariel’s love of nature. Living in Israel, broadened Ariel’s spirituality and opened him to the practice of mindfulness. He was ultimately attracted to the kaleidoscopic diversity that is New York City.

Therapeutic Approach

Ariel believes that when we face major challenges such as finding professional fulfilment, achieving personal satisfaction or overcoming adversity, the answers we seek lie within us. Therapy helps us find clarity, direction and meaning, opening the way for growth and change.

Through mindfulness techniques, Ariel will support you in becoming aware of your emotions, needs and desires so that you can live more fully in the present and alleviate pain. He helps you overcome patterns of behaviors that are holding you back.

Respectful of the demands on your time, Ariel uses his experience in short-term results-oriented hospital counseling and DBT to develop a manageable plan to achieve lasting change.

If you are interested in seeing Ariel, please contact us.

  • Increasing self-compassion and self-worth
  • Grief, loss and mourning
  • Depression, anxiety and stress
  • Spiritual development and personal growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Living with chronic illnesses / autoimmune conditions / terminal illnesses
  • ASD
  • Faith based counseling
  • Finding more fulfilling coping mechanisms and hobbies
  • Nurturing healthy relationships and strengthening interpersonal communication
  • Healing from addiction
  • Living with PTSD 
  • Finding professional fulfillment
  • Coping with professional stress 

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