Francesca Brody, LCSW

Francesca Brody obtained a BA from Columbia University, and her MSW from New York University. She previously worked as a Television Producer, and understands the stress and demands placed on highly competitive and creative professionals. Francesca knows the uniquely intense pressures and challenges faced by those trying to have both a fulfilling and balanced personal and professional life in New York City. Francesca believes that making life changing decisions can prove immensely rewarding.

Francesca has provided individual psychotherapy to clients with a diverse range of psychiatric issues, run a weekly women’s support group, and was a member of a DBT treatment team.

Therapeutic Approach

Francesca believes that individual therapy is a key component of overall self-care and wellness. She works collaboratively to target the specific ways that they would like to improve aspects of their life, both personal and professional, and steers her clients toward meeting those goals.

Francesca’s work is informed by CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing–research-supported treatment modalities which improve troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Her ultimate goal as a clinician is to empower her clients to organize and improve their lives by making manageable but meaningful changes throughout the therapeutic process.

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  • Improving work, social and familial relationships
  • Reducing substance use
  • Postpartum stress management
  • Parenting support and direction
  • Professional distress–and related depression, anxiety and low self-esteem
  • Incorporating healthy behaviors into daily living
  • Marital counseling, reducing conflict and increasing intimacy
  • Reducing the impact of past trauma on present functioning

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