Christina Eller, MHC-LP, MS Ed, PD

Christina graduated magna cum laude from Fordham with graduate degrees in Educational Psychology, School Psychology and Counseling.  While pursuing her studies, Christina worked for Wall Street’s top firms. Her love for the camaraderie and calibre of a fast-paced and ever-changing trading desk environment led Christina to pursue a career in psychology, embracing synergies from both fields to deliver a creative organic approach to managing human capital.  

Working on the most intense trading desks on Wall Street, Christina is fluent in the cultural nuances in the realm of finance; especially the high risk, intense expectations and unpredictable climate. As a high achiever herself, Christina’s goals are to help her clients: defeat thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate perfectionism; overcome addictions including food, substance abuse, shopping, gambling; balance the “weekend warrior” approach to fitness, family and other extra-curriculars; and manage the overwhelming anxiety and depression that accompany this lifestyle.

Therapeutic Approach

Like hedging, Christina believes psychotherapy is insurance to prevent and protect against a negative event. Christina utilizes her corporate experience coupled with solution-focused and cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBT) to help high-achieving professionals build equity in their personal lives in order to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and over- indulgent and destructive behaviors.

Christina recognizes the mental anguish that many endure chasing success, the strategic decision making abilities it takes to balance work and family responsibilities, and the social-occupational patterns that perpetuate risky thoughts and behaviors. As a therapeutic-shareholder in her client’s well-being, Christina’s maximizes her client’s growth, self-worth, productivity, adaptive patterns, level of fulfillment and capacity to make better-informed decisions.

Christina believes any relationship no matter what stage can experience highs and lows, and that it’s not only “normal” but helpful for all to seek guidance. Her active, collaborative, and goal-oriented approach to couples counseling is an art, particularly informed by her significant training in Gottman couples therapy.

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  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Couples therapy, (achieve greater emotional, intellectual and sexual intimacy and communication, reestablishing trust and commitment while recovering from an affair)
  • Infertility and the shift to parenthood
  • Fertility and alternative family planning
  • Dating challenges
  • Self-esteem and image concerns
  • Career and Life Balance
  • Autoimmune and chronic illness
  • Childhood disorders and caregiver support (Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD)
  • Adolescents and young adults

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